The Watch

The Watch (I) (2012)

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In Glenview, Ohio, Evan is the manager of the Costco department store and married to Abby. When the Costco night watchman, Antonio Guzman, is mysteriously murdered, Evan organizes The Neighborhood Watch, a watch team with his suburban neighbors Bob, Franklin and Jamarcus to protect the neighborhood and find the killer of Antonio. Soon they discover that the murderer is an alien that is preparing to invade Earth, and they become the last hope of mankind on Earth. Written by Claudio Carvalho, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Director: Akiva Schaffer | Stars: Ben Stiller, Vince Vaughn, Jonah Hill, Billy Crudup

Long View: 102 min

Box Office Gross: $35.35M

Four men who form a neighborhood watch group as a way to get out of their day-to-day family routines find themselves defending the Earth from an alien invasion.

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So what the heck is it exactly that distinguishes the excellent humorous movies of your great? Can it be their capability to tolerate, in the same manner their sense of humor creeps up on you or brings you by amazement? Maybe it's a great screenplay, perfect timing or one-liners that hit the mark every time? Whatever it is, outstanding humor shows give a lasting impression and have an ability to take on us.

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