Puss in Boots

Puss in Boots -2011

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Years before meeting Shrek and Donkey, the adorable but tricky Puss in Boots must clear his name from all charges making him a wanted fugitive. While trying to steal magic beans from the infamous criminals Jack and Jill, the hero crosses paths with his female match, Kitty Softpaws, who leads Puss to his old friend, but now enemy, Humpty Dumpty. Memories of friendship and betrayal enlarges Puss’ doubt, but he eventually agrees to help the egg get the magic beans. Together, the three plan to steal the beans, get to the Giant’s castle, nab the golden goose, and clear Puss’ name. Written by Mr. Top Hat

Director: Chris Miller | Stars: Antonio Banderas, Salma Hayek, Zach Galifianakis, Billy Bob Thornton

Long View: 90 min

Box Office Gross: $149.26M

An outlaw cat, his childhood egg-friend and a seductive thief kitty set out in search for the eggs of the fabled Golden Goose to clear his name, restore his lost honor and regain the trust of his mother and town.

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So what is it exactly that differentiates the great comedy shows of your great? Would it be their capability to experience, the way their sense of humor creeps up on you or goes by amazement? Maybe it's a great screenplay, perfect timing or one-liners that hit the point each time? Whatever it is, outstanding humorous shows leave a lasting impression and have an ability to engage us.

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